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Celebrating 40 Years of Service!

16 Apr

It’s no easy feat to achieve success in business today, and we’re proud to congratulate Mickey Holzman & the Pajaro Dunes Company on reaching the pinnacle of 40 years! Ask him what has made his company successful and he’ll first talk about community.  Most of his team has been with him over a decade – some 2 or 3!  “The key, says Holzman, is to remember that there are always four partners in every transaction we make:  The Homeowner, the HOA, the guest Client & our company.”  Making it a wonderful experience that benefits all is an art that he has mastered, with his team providing the exemplary service that enhances each guest’s visit here.

Holzman is a real estate broker & licensed contractor that first sold homes here with Hare, Brewer & Kelley.  Later, he branched out with MaryLou Daw & formed Holzman & Daw, Inc.  Their success led many homeowners to ask them to consider setting up property management services, to assist them in maximizing the value & income generated from their homes.   Holzman recognized the importance of both promoting the community & region, and enhancing owner returns.   Pajaro Dunes Company now specializes in property management, as well as real estate sales & owner services.

Pajaro Dunes Company has made over 550 real estate sales here & generates an average of about
3000 vacation rentals each year. Hosting retreat groups has also generated greater exposure of our community to businesses, universities, churches & non-profit organizations throughout the west coast. Regular clients include Pepperdine’s Masters Degree program; Stanford (numerous departments), UCSF, UCSC and many others. Local businesses & organizations devoted to health care, community service & support are also given priority. Over the last 10 years, PDC has paid fees to each HOA of nearly a million dollars. This income helps to keep homeowner dues low, and assists the Associations in maintaining & improving our community experience. At the same time, the value of homes in the community is heightened as exposure & demand increase.

Holzman built the modular office still in use by the HOA on the south side, and in 2007 built the PDC office & guest services lobby on the north side.  We were thrilled to have this building dedicated to him on 2/26/13.  He & four others established the Vacation Rental Manager’s Association in 1985.  It has now grown to over 700 members in North America, giving Pajaro Dunes national exposure. 

Holzman also served as President of the Santa Cruz Visitors Council, and has served on their Board of Directors a total of 12 years.  He received his degree from Stanford University,   and he & his wife Laina have four children.  He enjoys golf, running his ostrich ranch, and most of all, shares our love for Pajaro Dunes.  Please join us in celebrating 40 years of collaboration with Pajaro Dunes Company!